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Chapter Two Page Nine

Chapter Two Page Nine published on 2 Comments on Chapter Two Page Nine

Guys, I love Ben the apothecary. He’s basically my new favorite character! I had as much fun designing, writing and drawing him as I did with the mermaids. I hope all you readers like his as well as I do!

As always, I love to hear from you guys, so leave me a note below! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Chapter Two Page Seven

Chapter Two Page Seven published on 2 Comments on Chapter Two Page Seven

Today’s page was a lot of fun, particularly panel four! I love drawing shots that reveal more of the city. And Mike and I make a cameo in that panel as well (climbing the staircase in front of Amelia) so that was kind of fun to draw too.

Just a heads up, if you would like to see some concept sketches for Numina, check out the Facebook page this month and next! I am participating in Sketchtember this month, and planning to participate in Inktober, and I’ve already posted a few concept sketch images.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! I’ll see you all back here next Tuesday!


Chapter Two Page Six

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A few words about Mehri; she is part of Felix and Amelia’s acrobatic act, and likes to act as troupe counselor. Her race, the Betula, are amphibious and originated in an island chain north of Arcula. The membranes that Mehri is referring to secrete a mucus-like substance that has a psychoactive effect on most humanoid lifeforms. Members of the species with many visible membranes tend to be stronger, and more likely able to direct the thoughts and emotions of the affected target. Mehri’s brother Eyal (who sadly, never comes into the story) is particularly strong, and works as a sort of fortune teller for the troupe.

Hopefully this information was handy. I seriously enjoy thinking about and planning out all the little background details, particularly side characters! Unfortunately, this type of information tends to bog down the story, so keep an eye out for extra details in the blog section.

Have a beautiful day!

Chapter Two Page Five

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope all of you lovely folks are having a wonderful day so far!

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See you in a week!

Chapter Two Page Four

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It should be noted that this may be one of the only conversations Felix and Amelia have had about their mother since she left (which would have been 11 years ago by this point in the story.) Hopefully I have managed to put across all of the awkwardness and emotion that I intended. I’ll allow you all to be the judge of that. 😉

Please leave me a comment or question below if you wish~I would love to hear your feedback! Above all, have a beautiful day!