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Original Cast Page

Original Cast Page published on No Comments on Original Cast Page

Hello all my wonderful readers! Yes, unfortunately no page again. I am hoping to continue the story next week, and if not then definitely the one after that. The project I’m working on is taking way longer than I anticipated, and I still need a little time. For those of you that have stuck around with me this long, I thank you!

This is an original cast page from way back in 2010. You can see that Amelia used to be a blonde! A lot has changed since then, thankfully. There are two more sections of cast as well, but I didn’t include them for spoiler reasons.

Have a wonderful, safe Tuesday!

HAPPY ONE YEAR! First Concept Art

HAPPY ONE YEAR! First Concept Art published on 1 Comment on HAPPY ONE YEAR! First Concept Art

It has been one year since Numina went online! Hooray!

Today I wanted to share this ancient piece of art that I did back in February of 2008, which inspired the whole story. This was a digital illustration assignment I completed in college, and although it looks a little wonky, it sparked off the idea that eventually bloomed into Numina. The Creator’s Puppet outfit used to be a lot flashier, haha. I won’t go into detail about what’s going on here…you’ll have to wait! But I hope you all enjoyed this blast from the past.

Happy Tuesday!

Character Design

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Hey guys! Another piece of concept art today; this character will be more fully introduced in Chapter Three, although she did appear in Chapter One on page 6. Tenille is one of the High Priestess’ body guards. I am am super excited for her part in the story! Basically, I wish Chapter Three was here already LOL.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful week!

Character Concept Design

Character Concept Design published on 1 Comment on Character Concept Design

Those of you that follow me on Facebook may have already seen this when I posted a series of images as a teaser prior to the comic’s launch, but for those that haven’t I hope you enjoy this slightly “spoilery” drawing. The character on the right will show up for the first time in chapter three, but until then, I will leave you to speculate who he might be. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Betula Design Sheet

Betula Design Sheet published on 1 Comment on Betula Design Sheet

Hey guys!

So. No regular update today. Sorry about that. I’m not making excuses, but I have a few outside projects that have whittled away my time to work on Numina and I found myself without a page to post! I am by no means going to stop updating though! So, here is a design sheet for Mehri’s race, the Betula. Hopefully you can read my messy handwriting. Stay tuned for more concept art and extras in the coming weeks. There are a few things I wanted to share that don’t fit in the regular narrative of the story, and more designs like this as well. Regular updates will continue as soon as humanly possible! In the meantime, enjoy!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!