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Chapter Two Page Five

Chapter Two Page Five published on No Comments on Chapter Two Page Five

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope all of you lovely folks are having a wonderful day so far!

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Chapter Two Page Four

Chapter Two Page Four published on 2 Comments on Chapter Two Page Four

It should be noted that this may be one of the only conversations Felix and Amelia have had about their mother since she left (which would have been 11 years ago by this point in the story.) Hopefully I have managed to put across all of the awkwardness and emotion that I intended. I’ll allow you all to be the judge of that. 😉

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Chapter Two Page Two

Chapter Two Page Two published on 3 Comments on Chapter Two Page Two

My favorite part about this page is the spice booth behind Amelia in the second to last panel. I had all sorts of fun thinking of what colors to use for that, and what all the spices would taste and smell like!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday! Please leave comments or questions below. I appreciate feedback!


Chapter Two Page One

Chapter Two Page One published on No Comments on Chapter Two Page One

And Chapter Two officially begins! This is a fun chapter. For clarification, this chapter takes place about two years prior to the beginning of the story. Hopefully it will clear up a few mysteries about Amelia’s past. I really love this chapter, and I’m excited to share it with you all!

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Chapter One Page Thirty-One

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You’ll have to insert your own montage music for this page, haha.

Only one more page of Chapter One left! I can hardly wait for Chapter Two. 🙂

Happy Independence Day! Have a safe and fun holiday. To my friends that live outside the USA, I hope your day is still awesome!

Chapter One Page Twenty-Nine

Chapter One Page Twenty-Nine published on 1 Comment on Chapter One Page Twenty-Nine

Behold, the traveling circus! This page both excited and terrified me! So many things happening in the background…but I am so proud of how it turned out. I hope all you readers enjoy it as well.

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