The End

Hello everyone; this is Mike, the husband Angela mentions on the about page. Angela passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on March 18, 2023, three days after her 37th birthday.

Losing Angela has been devastating. She was an endlessly creative individual, dedicating nearly all her free time to an array of projects and hobbies too numerous to list. She often spoke of Numina as her lifes work, though. Numina was deeply important to her on both a creative and a personal level, an intricate and heartfelt passion project who’s development long preceded my entry into her life and would’ve taken many more years for her to complete.

I have preserved Numina as it appeared at the time of Angela’s passing, and it will remain available online. Eventually, I hope to include additional content that will provide some amount of closure to the epic story she hoped to tell. As you can imagine, sorting through Angela’s array of notes, writings, sketches, and other material is a daunting task, both practically and emotionally. And whatever I can cobble together will not be adequeate to the task she set. Angela believed deeply in authorial intent; even if I were a fraction of the artist or storyteller she was, the ultimate design of Numina passed along with her.

I think her story still deserves a telling, though… however inadequate that telling may be. In the meantime, I encourage you to read Numina from the beginning to see as much of the story as Angela was able to tell as she intended it.

You may also be interested in hearing Angela herself talk about Numina. The following audio is taken from a much longer interview Angela did with WMUK in 2019 where she talks about Numina, geek culture, comic conventions, and her creative process.