HAPPY ONE YEAR! First Concept Art

HAPPY ONE YEAR! First Concept Art

It has been one year since Numina went online! Hooray!

Today I wanted to share this ancient piece of art that I did back in February of 2008, which inspired the whole story. This was a digital illustration assignment I completed in college, and although it looks a little wonky, it sparked off the idea that eventually bloomed into Numina. The Creator’s Puppet outfit used to be a lot flashier, haha. I won’t go into detail about what’s going on here… you’ll have to wait! But I hope you all enjoyed this blast from the past.

Happy Tuesday!


That tiger is amazing.

Ken on December, 5 2017 @ 1:11 pm

This brings back memories. I remember this piece of artwork. What you have accpmplished is astounding. Happy one year anniversary!