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Hey all!

Sorry there’s no update today… between Geek Fest (which was awesome!) and my poor dying cat (not awesome) I didn’t get a chance to finish the page.

Which brings me to some sad news. I will be taking a short break from regular updates, probably about a month or two. This is by no means me calling it quits! I just haven’t been able to keep up the pace, and I need a chance to build a buffer so that these interruptions become less frequent; I’m actually hoping I can stop them altogether.

In the meantime, I will be posting concept art, maybe some teasers for a new project I’m trying to start (!), and maybe some small asides that don’t fit into the flow of the narrative. So stay tuned, there will still be a weekly update…the main story will just have to be paused for awhile. I will keep you all informed about my progress, and I will be working like crazy to try and get this under control. Please reach out to me if you have questions, or if you have a request for content you’d like to see.

See you next week! Have a great day. 🙂

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