Shops and Residential Buildings

Shops and Residential Buildings

Today I wanted to post a piece of concept art that may answer a few questions. A few of my Webtoon readers were wondering how the residents could feel secure without doors… LOL. This will hopefully clear that issue up. Since Arcula is near the equator of the water side of Murce, the climate is rather warm. Thus, they mostly keep their doors and windows open. I neglected to draw the storm shutters that they use for the windows. Mostly the windows are left open to allow airflow. It should also be noted that Arcula has a low crime rate due to the harsh punishment of criminals. Therefore, petty theft is not generally something that they have to worry about a lot. I also included a layout of Amelia’s home. She lives in a multi-tenant building; most residents of the island live in these type of buildings.

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I really love world-building bits like this. Dig it!