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So I hope you’ll laugh with me; I just realized looking at this group of guards/soldiers, that the leader among them seems to be the only one asking to be killed by wearing hardly any armor. At least we can be confident her shoulders are safe, but all those vital organs in the chest and stomach… They’re on their own. Unless in her race all the relevant organs happen to be in the shoulders. 😂 It amuses me how much today’s comics, TV, and other media have influenced women warriors’ impractical dress. She looks awesome, but the comparison, particularly in that first scene displaying so much contrast between her and her squad, tickled my funny bone. Keep up the good work!!

LOL! Oh yeah, I am very much aware of how ridiculous female armor is in most media, including Tenille’s getup here. Originally, she was not going to wear any armor, but then she didn’t look like she belonged with the soldiers. Hence, the shoulders. It was my sort of “visual shorthand” for connecting her to the city guard while still setting her apart as more than your average soldier. The exposed skin on her abdomen was also originally to show off some tattoos I had originally designed her with (remnants can be seen on Ch. 1 Pg. 6), but when I realized how annoying that would be to repeatedly draw, I scrapped it. Her piercings and hair already have enough fussy details to aggravate me.

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